SmartSoft Gaming: Crash Games & Bonuses

Welcome to the captivating world of SmartSoft Gaming. A place where you can discover groundbreaking games with delightful themes. If an adventure full of enthusiasm, remarkable gaming and comprehensive compatibility sounds attractive to you, then this post is designed for your needs! Enjoy exploring our innovative collection of games that promise entertainment beyond expectation.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore SmartSoft Gaming in 2024: a game development studio with diverse slots & crash games.
  • Enjoy cartoon-style graphics, bonus features, side games and themes across all devices.
  • Try their top titles for free via demo play or reputable online casinos such as SpinBetter & Loki Casino.

Discovering SmartSoft Gaming

SmartSoft Gaming Games - a company from Tbilisi, Georgia, that develops innovative games for a great gaming experience

Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, SmartSoft Gaming has established itself as a trusted name within the gaming industry through its varied and immersive slots and crash games that are compatible with all sorts of devices. Established in 2015 this game developer strives to create an entertaining gaming experience for players across multiple currencies & languages around the world.

SmartSoft’s portfolio is testament to their commitment towards quality – they design innovative games ranging from slot machines such as keno & roulette table games like poker or bingo. All of which can be easily accessed on various desktop computers or mobile phones alike regardless of language being used by players participating worldwide!

Company Background

SmartSoft Gaming, located in the vibrant city of Tbilisi Georgia, is a passionate team composed of three experienced software developers. Their most remarkable game yet JetX reflects their commitment to design and manufacture superior quality games. This effort has paid off through their wide range of gaming offerings that have acquired them respect as well as collaboration opportunities within the industry.

Game Portfolio Overview

SmartSoft Gaming provides a multitude of different titles to suit any gaming style, including: classic slots, video slots and progressive slots as well as thrilling crash games like JetX, JetX3. Tower X Plinko x and CRAZYHUNT X. No matter the individual’s preference in terms of game type or genre there is sure to be something that fits their needs at SmartSoft Gaming. For an optimal experience they offer up unbeatable entertainment with high quality gameplay through their exclusive collection smartsoft gaming games ensuring players satisfaction every single time no matter how long they play for or what particular title interests them most out all the available options found here.

Players have access to this wide variety of entertaining content ranging from slot machines such intelligent card strategies, making it easier than ever before get your hands on great titles which are both fun engaging while still being challenging enough craft amazing scores under pressure too!

Top SmartSoft Gaming Crash Games and Slots

JetX is an intense online air crash simulator that offers players a chance to win before the clock stops ticking. The objective of this game is for gamers to successfully hit the ‘Collect’ button and secure their wagers prior to when the jet blasts off.

This interactive, strategy-filled gaming experience keeps excitement levels high with each round as you attempt your next bet in order not miss out on winning it all! JetX makes sure thrill seekers will continue coming back seeking another rush and hoping they can strike it big again.


JetX3 is the next evolution of JetX, heightening exhilaration through its advanced visuals and including three objects instead of one. The objective for players is to guess which item will collide first – increasing the competitiveness as well as thrill in this pleasurable game.

The high-quality graphics along with special attributes make it hard not to become addicted to JetX3. An experience you won’t soon forget!


An image of the JetX and TowerX platform featuring the latest smartsoft gaming technology.

TowerX is an enthralling crash game where gamers have the opportunity to construct a tower and earn high payouts in bonus rounds. This exciting gaming experience incorporates cartoon-style graphics that add another layer of appeal, making it ideal for those looking for something out of the ordinary. Players will be hooked on this one as they build their towers and discover new ways to increase their winnings! It’s time to get creative with TowerX: your perfect destination for thrilling gameplay coupled with generous rewards!

Plinko X

Playing Plinko X is a thrilling gambling experience that combines the excitement of chance with elements of slot machine gameplay. Players drop a puck down through different pegs, and when it reaches the bottom where various slots are located, this will determine how much cash they’ve won. With opportunities to increase their winnings in bonus rounds as well as bagging big prizes if luck’s on your side, you can be sure to have an entertaining time!


CRAZYHUNT X, developed by SmartSoft Gaming, offers a thrilling and action-packed gaming experience. Powered with exciting bonus features like pixel art graphics for an extra burst of visual excitement as well as power ups to keep you fighting fit, this game is perfect both seasoned gamers or those new to the world of online gaming. Hunt through missions, battle challenging bosses and fight your way up global leaderboards against friends and players around the globe! Enjoy CRAZYHUNT X’s fast-paced gameplay which guarantees hours upon hours of entertainment that will have you coming back time after time.

Key Features of SmartSoft Gaming Slots

SmartSoft Gaming Slots - cartoon-style graphics and bonus features for a unique gaming experience

SmartSoft Gaming slots provide an elevated gaming experience, thanks to their captivating cartoon-style graphics and engaging bonus features. With a broad range of themes that suit all sorts of players, SmartSoft titles make sure everyone can enjoy the exciting possibilities these games offer with plenty of bonuses in store! This distinguishes them from other slot offerings on the market today, ensuring gamers always have something new to try out when looking for a great casino adventure.

Cartoon-Style Graphics

SmartSoft Gaming has created a top-notch gaming experience for players with their unique cartoon graphics in each slot game. These visuals, which appeal to the eye and are full of motion, distinctly mark every title and demonstrate SmartSoft’s dedication to providing high quality entertainment. They have put careful attention into details such as graphical elements that makes playing even more enjoyable.

Bonus Features & Side Games

SmartSoft Gaming’s slots have an extensive selection of bonus features and special games to increase the enjoyment for gamers. From free spins, chances at winning with risks taken, as well as instant wins within a bonus game, there is no lack of thrilling moments that could result in considerable payouts! For those seeking something different: Virtual Burning Roulette might be just what you need. Players can savour this high-quality gaming experience thanks to these abundant bonuses which make each session more exciting than the last, perfect for big rewards!

Thematic Variety

SmartSoft Gaming offers a wide variety of slots, each with their own unique theme and style. From fruit-filled games to ones based on outer space or Christmas holidays, players will find something that interests them in the company’s portfolio. This ensures an exciting gaming experience while also encouraging individuals to explore new titles available at SmartSoft Gaming. Everyone can have fun playing these varied online slot offerings!

Mobile Gaming & Compatibility

SmartSoft Gaming Mobile Gaming - optimized for mobile devices and compatible with various types of devices and players

SmartSoft Gaming takes pride in providing seamless gaming experience across the board, making their titles compatible and accessible from any device. This includes comprehensive support for mobile optimization as well as cross-platform capabilities so that gamers can play on a variety of platforms without missing out on top quality entertainment. Whether you’re playing through a desktop or laptop computer, smartphone or tablet, SmartSoft Gaming ensures your gameplay is enjoyable every step of the way.

Mobile Optimization

In the hectic world we live in nowadays, gaming on-the-go is absolutely necessary. SmartSoft Gaming values mobile optimization to ensure gamers have an efficient and lagless experience regardless of what device they are playing on. This ensures that no matter where you go, fans can still access titles from SmartSoft without sacrificing quality or encountering any technical issues whatsoever.


Cross-Platform Support

SmartSoft Gaming offers cross-platform support for their games to make sure that they can be accessed and played on any device including iOS or Android. This makes it possible for players to continue their progress across different devices with no problem, providing an effortless gaming experience all around. By optimizing its mobile presence as well, the company is ensuring a satisfactory outcome when gamers play their titles regardless of what kind of technology they have access to.

Awards & Recognition

SmartSoft Gaming Awards & Recognition - Debutant of the Year Award and EGR B2B Awards Nomination

SmartSoft Gaming has become a standout in the gaming industry, earning them not only recognition but also awards. At the 2020 Login Casino Awards they have been presented with the Debutant of Year Award and at 2022 EGR B2B Awards their work was shortlisted for Innovation in RNG Casino Software category, proof that SmartSoft is dedicated to delivering outstanding gaming experiences and investing into innovation.

The business continues working hard to excel beyond its boundaries by putting effort on pushing current achievements Than what people usually expect from this sector of digital entertainment. All these accomplishments are demonstrative testimonies regarding how committed they remain when it comes down to providing quality software solutions as well as setting new trends within both casino games development & design across many different platforms such as mobile ones too!

Debutant of the Year Award

SmartSoft Gaming’s efforts in creating innovative and quality games that are highly compatible has been recognized with the Debutant of The Year Award at this year’s Login Casino Awards. This honour reflects their passion for gaming, demonstrating a bright future within the industry as they continue to provide captivating experiences through top-tier game development.

EGR B2B Awards Nomination

SmartSoft Gaming earned a spot on the EGR B2B Awards’ shortlist for their groundbreaking Innovation in RNG Casino Software. This coveted award is esteemed across the gaming industry and has affirmed Smartsoft’s excellence with creating sophisticated casino software solutions. Their successful nomination serves as an accolade of recognition to highlight how they stand out amongst other competitors within this thriving sector.


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Trying SmartSoft Gaming Slots for Free

SmartSoft Gaming Roulette Slots - demo play available at recommended online casinos

Players keen on sampling SmartSoft Gaming titles without any financial commitment can find demo play options on many online platforms. Multiple dependable online casinos offer these innovative games so users can enjoy them for free before wagering with real money.

Demo Play Availability

Players have the chance to preview SmartSoft Gaming slots in free demo mode, giving them a risk-free way to explore this amazing world of gaming without having to stake real money. This feature is available on numerous online platforms, which gives players an ideal opportunity for getting familiar with these games before taking part in actual wagering play.

For the most rewarding gaming experience, SmartSoft Gaming titles should be enjoyed at online casinos like SpinBetter, Loki Casino, Alf Casino and Betandyou. All of these trustworthy establishments offer a wide selection of slots and casino games that allow players to explore the unique themes and features which have made SmartSoft such an acclaimed name in gaming.


  • What is a Slotegrator?

    For over a decade, Slotegrator has been an industry leader in providing iGaming aggregators and software solutions. Online casino operators can benefit from the unified API, swift delivery system, free business consultations as well as integrated content that this company offers to get up and running quickly without having to worry about marketing or technical support. Not only does it provide turnkey services for casinos but also reliable customer assistance throughout every step of launching their establishments.

  • What types of games does SmartSoft Gaming offer?

    SmartSoft Gaming provides a thrilling selection of gaming entertainment, featuring popular games such as slots, poker, roulette, bingo and keno.

  • Are SmartSoft Gaming slots compatible with mobile devices?

    Players can now have the liberty to play SmartSoft Gaming slots with a range of mobile devices, both iOS and Android being compatible. This gives them access to enjoy gaming wherever they are

  • Can I play SmartSoft Gaming slots for free?

    One can enjoy SmartSoft Gaming slot machines free of charge by trying out the demo play option at certain online casinos and platforms. Playing these slots is a great way to have fun without worrying about any financial commitment!

  • What awards and recognition has SmartSoft Gaming received?

    SmartSoft Gaming has gained recognition for its inventive software, being honoured with the Debutant of the Year Award at 2020’s Login Casino Awards and shortlisted in 2022 EGR B2B Awards’ Innovation in RNG Casino Software category.


SmartSoft Gaming is an up-and-coming leader in the gaming industry, delivering quality experiences and a wide range of inventive games to players on any platform. Their dedication to excellence combined with their mobile optimization technology creates smooth gameplay for all users. SmartSoft has earned multiple accolades proving they are at the top of their game—we can’t wait to see what else this dynamic studio will come up with next!