The House Edge in crash gambling

What is House Edge?

First, what do we mean by “house edge”? This simple term refers to the mathematical advantage the casino holds over players in any gambling game to guarantee long-term profits. With every bet placed, a small percentage of money is kept by the house. While skill, luck or even cheating may help you overcome those odds in the short term, mathematics dictates the casino game payouts inevitably conquer all over time.

House Edges in Classic Casino Games

We expect casino games to carry decent house edges, but you may be surprised at the exact percentages for classic mainstays:

  • Slots: Have the widest range of house edges from 2% into double digits, averaging around 6% for Las Vegas casinos. This means for every $100 put into a slot machine, the player expects to lose around $6 on average.
  • Roulette: Features a house edge around 5% on average, depending on which variant of bets are placed. This mini-wheel of fortune has predictable odds favoring the house when the ball eventually lands.
  • Blackjack: Can have some of lowest house edges, even under 1% with perfect player strategy. But average players face 1.5% edges from suboptimal hit, stand, double down and split decisions.
  • Poker: One of the rare skill-based games where good players can overcome inherent casino edge that comes from collecting a rake fee from the pot each hand.

New Kids on the Block: Crash Games

The casino world has a hot new genre of gambling games taking the internet by storm: crash-style games like Plinko and Aviator. These real-time games feature multiplying payouts – up to 100x! – until a random “crash” ends the game. Their explosive growth comes from eye-catching visuals and gameplay modeled after stock market volatility.

Case Study: Aviator Crash Game

While popular and visually exciting, behind the scenes live video feeds are controlled games with house edge percentages built into crash point algorithms. Let’s look closer at one of the leading crash games right now called Aviator by Spribe:

Gameplay Players bet on multipliers increasing from 1x upwards by cashing out before the game suddenly “crashes”. The minimum cash out point is 1.01x and maximum average payoff is 17x.
House Edge Published reports estimate Aviator holds a small house edge between 1-3%. This means from a $100 deposit, expect to slowly lose around $1-3 on average per game played. These estimates come from analyzing statistical cash out data points over thousands of games.
Comparison to Slots Aviator’s house edge competes well against old school slot games, hence its current popularity with players. However, in the long run the crash game still grinds out player deposits relentlessly. Even at only a few percentage points earned, the house always ends up the ultimate winner.

Can You Beat the House Edge?

While winning in the short term comes down to the luck of the draw, the house edge cannot be overcome long term in any casino game, whether slots, Aviator or other crash games. The percentages always hold true, slowly diminishing player bankrolls until empty. Just ask celebrities like author Tolstoy or iconic gambler Wild Bill Hickok – even famous long term players ultimately succumb and lose it all back to the casino eventually based on pure probability.

So while it can be exciting to cash out big wins in games like Aviator or Plinko, remember the crash always comes to claim its house edge tribute. Based on mathematics no player can constantly overcome those percentages. In the end the house always wins – the only way to win is not play at all!

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