Cash Out in crash games

Crash games are a relatively new genre of online casino gaming where players bet on how long a perpetually increasing multiplier will rise before the game suddenly “crashes”. The exciting aspect is watching the multiplier tick up higher and higher, not knowing when it will crash. Players can “cash out” at any time to claim their winnings before the inevitable crash wipes out all bets. Some of the most popular crash games include:

  • Crash: The original that started it all, released in 2014. Simple and straight to the point.
  • Limbo: Introduced a “limbo bar” that provides another way to win.
  • Mines: Mines appear on screen during play which alter volatility.
  • Aviator: Aviation and plane themed version with Fan Bets.
  • JetX: Futuristic setting featuring two anti-gravity bikes racing.
  • Space XY: Sci-fi space theme with spaceships and high quality graphics.

Understanding the Cash Out Feature

The cash out system in crash games gives players a way to take profits before the impending crash destroys all bets. Here is how it works:

  1. Each round starts with the multiplier at 1x.
  2. The multiplier then begins rising by the second – 1.01x, 1.02x, 1.03x and so on in an exponential curve.
  3. Players have placed their wager for that round. As the multiplier increases, so does their potential payout.
  4. At any time, players can click the “Cash Out” button to claim their winnings and withdraw from the round based on the current multiplier.
  5. Players’ profits are then locked in and added to their balance. The multiplier continues rising until eventually crashing.

If players fail to cash out before a crash, they lose everything wagered that round. The key is timing the cash out to optimize winnings versus risking it all. Getting caught up in the excitement and greed can be dangerous if not cashed out in time. The cash out button gives full control and engagement.

Cash Out Strategies

As with any casino game, bankroll management and knowing when to quit is key. There are general cash out strategies players use to succeed at crash games:

  • Cash Out Quickly: Cashing out at lower multipliers like 1.10x or 1.15x ensures small, consistent wins to build a bankroll safely.
  • Let It Ride: Allowing the multiplier to rise higher before cashing out can result in bigger wins, but risk losing the entire bet.
  • Base Cash Out on Volatility: Pay attention to how quickly the game is crashing and adjust cash out timing accordingly.
  • Set Personal Limits: Determine a risk tolerance level and maximum bet size per round based on your overall budget.

Importance of the Cash Out

The cash out mechanic is integral to crash games for several key reasons:

Reason Explanation
Mitigates Losses Most importantly, cashing out enables players to take wins off the table before a crash claims their entire wager. This controls losses on bets that have gone well.
Adds Skill Involvement Without a cash out, crash games would be based purely on luck. Cashing out properly requires skill around risk management.


In the growing world of online casinos and betting, crash games have carved out a unique niche focused on multiplying factors. The signature cash out mechanic gives players control over winnings in the face of perpetually increasing uncertainty. Mastering when to pull the trigger requires assessing personal risk tolerance, volatility patterns, and resisting greed for higher multipliers. While the unpredictability can result in swift losses, properly utilizing the cash out opens the door to huge thrills. For those looking to dive into something new and exciting, crash games provide big wins for smart players who can avoid getting burned.

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