Auto Bet Mode in crash games

A. Crash games are online casino games where players bet on a multiplier that increases from 1x continuously until the game “crashes”

B. Slots are online casino games with spinning reels – players bet on lining up symbols to win payouts based on the symbol combinations

What is Auto Bet Mode?

A. Definition: A gameplay mode that automatically places bets for the player without requiring manual input each time

B. Used in crash games and slots to simplify gameplay

C. Players still customize auto bet settings to control risk/reward

Auto Bet Settings

A. Crash games

  1. Base bet amount: The starting wager placed each round
  2. Multiplier ceiling: The maximum multiplier to automatically cash out at
  3. Compounding or level betting: Increasing or fixed bet amounts each round

B. Slots

  1. Number of autospins: How many slot spins are placed automatically
  2. Bet amount per spin
  3. Stop conditions: Multiplier amount reached, balance threshold hit, etc.

Pros and Cons of Using Auto Bet Mode

Pros Cons
Convenient hands-free gameplay
Could lead to overspending if not calibrated properly
Can utilize advanced stop conditions to control risk
Gives players a break without sitting out tables
Less engagement in the actual gameplay


A. When used properly, auto bet mode allows for convenient hands-off gameplay

B. Players still need to set parameters carefully based on bankroll management strategy

C. Automation makes crash and slots gameplay simpler but does carry responsible gambling considerations

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